Stop the light rail from destroying beautiful Burleigh Heads

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Don't let Burleigh Heads be destroyed.

Burleigh has a history as a quiet fishing village increasingly visited by tourists from the early 1900s which saw early development of restaurants and guesthouses. Burleigh has been the centre of beach activities for many years with a long history as a holiday haven and a relaxed place for families to visit.

The character and beauty of Burleigh Heads will be destroyed by the planned light rail that the Gold Coast City Council is determined to push through the centre of Burleigh Village.

This extension is another example of the develop at any cost mentality that is currently the only "vision" that prevails on the Gold Coast. On his Facebook page Mayor Tom Tate is asked about the lack of parking to support the light rail extension at Burleigh.

His reply was as follows: "'I'm thinking of doing a deal with a private provider to build a car park over our existing council land at Burleigh near the library." He didn't mention the exorbitant cost that will likely need to be paid each day for public to access such.No one will use it and it will just be an eyesore and attract criminal activity.


The arguments for the light rail do not add up. As one expert has already said "Someone please tell them that Gold Coast cannot afford another disaster like this." Another expert analysis has shown that the light rail "has been
unsuccessful in meeting the majority of the stated objectives", being over cost, not reducing traffic congestion and no uptake in public transport usage. The business case for the extension (Display Tender GCCC006382) has not even yet been undertaken with the tender for such only closing in April 2017.

State MP's have questioned the rail link and do not support it. Burleigh MPM Michael Hart and Councillor Daphne MacDonald refuse to support the Burleigh extension.

There are other options to extend the light rail to the airport and Coolangatta that will not adversely impact on Burleigh Heads. We need to ensure the Burleigh Heads we love is protected from development that can only have a negative impact.

And lets not forget the reliability issues with the whole line going down for an entire weekend in December 2016. If a bus breaks down you just get one to replace it.

You can help by writing or emailing the below local representatives and expressing your disapproval. Signing this petition will also send a message.

- Local councillor Pauline

- State member Michael and:

- Mayor Tom Tate,

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