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Seafood consumers lose access to fresh local seafood each net closure of wild fisheries.

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Around Australia the rights of commercial fishers are being traded away for the rights of recreational fishers - recreational fishing only havens, net free zones which become the same. Marine Parks and Aquatic Reserves. Slowly the area of access for commercial fishers is being diminished this mean their sustainability is threatened along with the sustainability of the resource as fishers are forced into smaller areas to fish.  

Over 80% of seafood consumed in Australia is imported as a direct result of the continued removal of commercial fishers.  This means reduced access to local fresh seafood and bait availability, Local jobs and  tourism are affected.   It is essential that science must be produced to remove commercial fishers. It is essential that environmental Impact assessments are undertaken for recreational fishing. It is essential that the bias and discrimination in the policy be removed.

You the consumer of seafood in Australia can make a difference, your vote can make a difference.  There are so few commercial fishers left in Australia our voice cannot compete with the thousands of recreational fishers and environmentalist lobbying our governments 

We need your voice and your vote. Millions of seafood consumers are daily losing their rights to eat local fresh seafood.



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