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Re-Edit Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is the long-awaited conclusion to the Resident Evil film series. The film has hired a new editor, and the fan base is not having it. The fans aren't the only ones who have a problem with the editing. Everyone, including critics and newcomers claim that the movie is unwatchable due to the fast story events, back-to-back camera cuts from various angles, and the overall vibe of the film not matching the previous entries in the franchise. This petition's purpose is to ask, and heavily suggest that Sony, Paul Anderson, and/or whomever else is in charge of the film, create and release a Director's Cut, Alternate Version, or just a complete re-edit of the film.

The Final Chapter has everything it needs to conclude the most successful video game film franchise ever made. However, it's held back by the choppy and chaotic editing, which leaves most viewers with a headache, confusion, and aggravation. Just imagine how the fans feel. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter has so much potential to be a better film... the best film, and it's never too late to admit your mistakes and make it better. You will only be more respected for fixing it, rather than to leave it as a mess.

So, please, hire a new editor for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, or at least work with any editor to make it even better. You can still achieve the adrenaline-packed, on-the-go, chaotic action vibe you were going for. Many films do it, yet they don't have to cut to a million different angles every time someone breathes.

Give the series the sendoff it deserves. Make an alternate version, and maybe even use deleted scenes? It's much more likely to get better reviews, more fans, and a higher profit. I realize this is a long shot, and many individuals may be against the idea... but there is no denying that people don't enjoy The Final Chapter mostly due to its editing. There's still a chance to fix it. You have the raw footage, you know what you can do. Let Alice's story end with a bang.


- The Fans.

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