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Make Congress Subject to ACA-Obamacare Repeal

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Make Congress Accountable For Its Actions

Congress has traditionally exempted itself from many of the provisions of legislation it passes. This includes a specifically crafted exemption for Congress from certain provisions of the ACA-Obamacare. Presently, Congress is engaged in multiple efforts that will individually or in combination repeal the ACA without any indication that a replacement plan has been developed that will be introduced and passed into law at the same time as the repeal. The result of both the original ACA-Obamacare exemption and the repeal efforts is that US taxpayers are footing and will continue to foot the cost of health care coverage for Congress members and their staff while Congress attempts to revoke health care access for somewhere between 20 and 30 million US citizens.

This petitions Congress to include an amendment or provision, as follows, to any legislation intended to repeal or reduce funding for the ACA in total or in any part:

"In the event that the ACA is repealed or defunded in total or in part, all members of Congress, their staffs and their dependents will immediately lose any health care coverage or benefits that are in anyway paid for by the taxpayers of the United States, the people who are ultimately the employers of Congress and who pay the cost of government. The loss of government provided health care coverage for members of Congress, their staffs and their dependents will continue in full effect until a replacement plan is passed that restores health care coverage and benefits to every US citizen who lost coverage and benefits as a result of the repeal or defunding of the ACA in total or in part.

Additionally, members of Congress may not pay for health care coverage for themselves or their staffs from funds allocated by Congress for operation of their offices or any other funds received by them from election campaign donors, lobbyists, corporations or organizations that are not their current employer. A member of Congress will be eligible to pay for health care coverage or other health care costs for the member, the member's staffs, and their dependents only from the personal wealth of the member of Congress.

Additionally, this provision for loss of health care coverage and benefits on repeal or defunding of the ACA in whole or in part and the prohibition on use of taxpayer funds to provide any replacement health care coverage or benefits applies equally to elected and appointed members of the Executive Branch and any appointed staff positions in the Executive Branch, including, but not limited to, the President, the Vice-President, and all Cabinet and senior appointed positions and their immediate appointees and staffs."

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