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Support R1V2 Zoning for Cheviot Hills; Oppose BMO -- it goes too far!

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We, Cheviot Hills residents, support an R1V2 (formerly R1Vnew) designation for the Cheviot Hills neighborhood as part of the rezoning of residential properties and proposed new ordinance being considered the Los Angeles City Council.

We request that the City Council undertake and implement the following with respect to the rezoning of Cheviot Hills:

Zone the Cheviot Hills single family residential zone as R1V2, consistent with the adjacent neighborhood of Beverlywood; as is consistent with the existing and historic zoning and character of Cheviot Hills.


Lot Size                                Residential Floor Area Ratio 

                                   BMO- Proposed   R1V2- Support      

Up to 6,000 SF                  .45                          .55                               
6,001 to 7,000 SF              .45                          .53                               
7,001 to 8,000 SF              .45                          .51                              

8,001 to 9,000 SF              .45                          .49                             

9,001 to 10,000 SF            .45                          .47                              

Over 10,000 SF                 .45                          .45                               

Examples of the maximum size homes permissible for each zoning code for comparative purposes (all assume front garage, for which 200 square feet is included in the total allowable FAR):

On a 6,500 sq ft lot, the maximum permissible home size:

  • Zoning we support (R1V2): 3245 sq ft (6500 *.53 - 200)
  • Zoning we oppose (BMO): 2725 sq ft (6500 *.45-200)

On a 7,400 sq ft lot, the maximum permissible home size:

  • Zoning we support (R1V2): 3,574 sq ft (7400 *.51-200)
  • Zoning we oppose (BMO): 3,130 sq ft (7400 *.45-200)

On a 8,200 sq ft lot, the maximum permissible home size:

  • Zoning we support (R1V2): 3,818 (8200 *.49-200)
  • Zoning we oppose (BMO): 3,490 (8200 *.45 - 200)

Background and Information

The City of Los Angeles is seeking to rezone single-family residential neighborhoods, in an attempt to address the issue of out of scale homes.  The City is choosing between BMO and R1V2 for Cheviot Hills. 

FACT – Both BMO & R1V2 would restrict home sizes compared with decades-long single family zoning for Cheviot Hills.  

FACT – Cheviot Hills was originally designed as an estate community, with larger homes and lots permitted, compared to neighboring communities.  BMO would restrict Cheviot Hills home sizes equal to those in Palms and Mar Vista.

FACT – Beverlywood and Beverlywood adjacent have already been permanently granted R1V2 zoning; Castle Heights and Rancho Park north of Pico, east of Beverly Glen are being considered for R1V2.

FACT – Many of the originally built and existing homes in Cheviot Hills would not be permitted under BMO.

FACT – BMO restricts existing Cheviot Hills homeowners who may have plans to remodel their homes. 

FACT – BMO will negatively impact Cheviot Hills home values.

FACT – There is no language in either BMO or R1V2 that limits speculative development; both alternatives are restrictions on current Cheviot Hills homeowners.

FACT – Overbuilt and out-of-scale homes (what some call “McMansions) in Cheviot Hills are restricted under R1V2; BMO just goes too far!

FACT –Covered patios, breezeways, and front attached garages are included in calculations against maximum permissible home size under both BMO and R1V2.  No exemptions are given to these non-habitable features, as they had been under previous zoning.

FACT – 200 sq. ft. of an attached garage is counted against permissible square footage under both BMO and R1V2.

FACT – Under both BMO and R1V2, front, rear, and side setbacks are the same; BMO further restricts the size home homeowners are able to build.

FACT – R1V2 allows for a 7% taller maximum roof height, up to a maximum height of 30 feet (28 feet under BMO).

FACT – Both R1V2 and BMO minimize home sizes over what was previously permitted for Cheviot Hills.

FACT – Over 200 neighborhood residents signed a petition supporting R1V2 for Cheviot Hills. 

FACT – In a straw poll taken at the March 2, 2017Cheviot Hills Homeowners Association Board Meeting, 2/3 of the board members indicated their preference for R1V2.


A BMO designation would negatively impact Cheviot Hills where larger homes have historically been permitted;

A BMO designation would result in some existing properties within Cheviot Hills not be afforded the same density and zoning rights as other homes within the neighborhood, creating unequal rights among homeowners within the same neighborhood;

A BMO designation would immediately and significantly impact property values in Cheviot Hills for all residential properties; and

The demand for moderately sized homes in Cheviot Hills that would not be permitted under R1V2, is significant.

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