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Say NO! to discrimination of children based on Vaccination status

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As a follow up to the Federal Government's "No Jab, No Pay" Policy, the NSW government has on the 10th of August 2017 introduced into parliament  the 'Public Health Amendment (Vaccination of Children Attending Child Care Facilities) Bill 2017'.

Essentially, Children that are not immunized will not be able to go to Child Care Facilities.

The proposed amendments to the Act takes away the RIGHTS of parents to decide what will enter the bodies of their children. It removes the provisions of 'informed consent' and enforces compulsory immunization through financial and social coercion. It REMOVES the right to conscientiously object to immunization on any grounds (Including religious grounds).

The impacts from this bill will be:

  • No subsidized daycare
  • Prevent our children from receiving education

The consequence if parents choose to still not vaccinate:

  • One parent will have to stay at home with their children to provide care and education if they do not have relatives that can support them
  • The drop in one income impacts the ability of the parents to obtain enough income to pay bills, mortgages and any other living expenses. Bottom hardship and disadvantage

The ability to decide what happens to our children is a pivotal part FREEDOM.

It is not the question whether you are for immunization or not in this case.

The question is will we, as the people of NSW, give up the right to decide for ourselves what enters the bodies of our children.

The proposed amendment goes further:

  • Schedule 1 [38] and [39] amend section 87 of the Act states that the principal of a child care facility must not enrol, or permit to be enrolled, an unvaccinated child at the facility if the only reason provided for failure to vaccinate the child is that the parent of the child has a conscientious belief that the child should not be vaccinated in respect of specified vaccine preventable diseases. ...It makes it an offence for the child care facility to enroll the child and will sustain a maximum penalty of $5,500)
  • Enforcement of Act ...will enable such a person to apply for a search warrant under the enable the Secretary to direct a person whom the Secretary reasonably believes is responsible for, or contributed to, a public health risk identified in an inquiry, to notify specified persons or a specified class of persons of the nature of the risk and of any measures to be taken to mitigate that risk.

This portrays parents who:

  • Do not want to vaccinate
  • Want to be informed by finding out more information about vaccinations (positives as well as negatives)
  • Want to still vaccinate but want to allow their children's bodies more time to adapt to the vaccinations


When the parents are actually just ensuring that they are doing the best for their children.

Financial and social coercion should not be used to influence a life changing decision

Please contact Andrew Fraser (Coffs Harbour MP) and Walt Second (Shadow Minister for Health) to stop this amendment and stop the government from making decisions for us.

Mr Andrew Fraser, MP

Coffs Harbour Electorate Office
A Mr Andrew Fraser, MP
1/9 Park Avenue
P (02) 6652 6500
F (02) 6652 7934
E (shadow minister for health)

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