Justice for Champagne

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In November or December 2017, convicted, predicate, violent felon, Robert Overton brutally murdered his dog Champagne. Overton beat this beautiful creature, then took her to the woods, tied a noose, hung her, watched her suffer, and walked away. Her body was found 5 months later. For 5 months Overton slept soundly in his warm bed, Champagne’s lifeless body, cold, and alone hung from a tree. This is an act only that of a sadistic monster. Knowingly causing the suffering of an animal, this the animal that you raised from a puppy is unspeakable and that of depraved individual. An average individual struggles with remaining in the room while their sick animal is humanely euthanized. Overton has done the unfathomable to this healthy, beautiful animal. Did poor champagne dare to wake Overton up on that blistering cold night and set him off into a violent rage, that past behavior indicts he has? This is not the first time Overton has displayed maladaptive, violent, brutal behavior, that has threatened the lives around him. Overton has spent significant time in prison for violent crimes such as, but not limited to, arson (breaking into an ex’s home and lighting it a blaze), burglary, and weapons charges. While in the NYS corrections system Overton has violates parole. FBI statistics show a strong correlation between animal cruelty & other violent crimes. Overton is a prime example of this. We request that Overton be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, with no Plea deals being made. We also request that upon the cases conclusion, an order be Imposed pursuant to Agriculture and Markets Law 374-8c that Overton be prohibited from possessing or harboring ANY animals for as long a period as the court will do, as allowed by law.
This is a violent, unpredictable individual that fears no consequences. Overton needs to be off of our streets. Our lives, children’s lives, and animals lives depend on it.