Home Cultivation for Medical Marijuana Patients and Caregivers in Pennsylvania

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Home Cultivation Petition

Presented by Pennsylvania Cannabis Connection

The Home Cultivation Petition would produce a pivotal change to the program that would allow patients and caregivers to cultivate their own medicine.  This change can optimize the efficiency of the mmj program by lowering prices, fixing supply and demand issues and assuring clean medicine.

A high percentage of patients that seek relief through medical marijuana survive solely on fixed incomes and assistance from the government due to their preexisting, qualifying condition. The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program was originally proposed as a compassionate legislation designed in favor of the people. As of 2018, the Medical Marijuana Program’s price points have been geared toward middle and upper class patients that are able to afford the higher priced medicines. These high price points make medicine unattainable for countless in need, including those who need it most.  Home cultivation will create a steady supply, resulting in less expensive medicine that reduces the burden of cost on patients.


Goal of this petition:  Add measures that would allow for the home cultivation of cannabis by registered patients and caregivers.


  • Require the individuals who are interested in home cultivation to take an 8 hour safety and preparedness course.

            -Including a brief history of cannabis, the life cycle of cannabis, various grow methods, grow room construction, fire safety and best practices. 

  • Require the cannabis that is cultivated by a caregiver on behalf of patients or supplied to a dispensary to be tested and certified clean. 


Those in favor of the addition of home cultivation to the existing Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program are encouraged to sign this petition.