Pateron ban Cristali

Pateron ban Cristali

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MrGoat Goaty started this petition to Pateron
Ah yes, Cristali. Aka Cristali & Zafiro on youtube, old name ValdroxX Studios. We all know about him. The 19 year old man who pretends to be a 16 year old girl, traces art and wrongfully copyrights it, doxxes people, gets people he hates in trouble simply because they called him out, shows minors lewd art of his characters, makes merch out of stolen fanart, threatend to track people down, has made rape threats on Discord call live, asks children for explict photos of themselves, and guilt trips, lies when he's caught.

I was hoping he'd never touch pateron, but of course he did.

Why does his Pateron need to go?
I report it every chance I get, nothing ever happens. Many have done the same. Its filled with traced art that he wrongfully copyrighted to avoid getting in trouble, and art that belongs to animators like Rossali, Wolfychu, Niina Xan. He just takes their art, puts it in photoshop, takes the clothes off, and he makes money off it.

Rossali has had the worst of it. She told him to stop, he refused. He even stalks her on her personal amino, makes new accounts just to dm her that he is currently tracing her. One day he basically said he refused to stop profitting off her art, he would continue to use her, and disgustingly called her "a sex object". Rossali screencapped it, called him out, Cristali lied saying it was a fake account, not him, Rossali then made a video showing evidence it was indeed the real Cristali. He realized he messed up bad, since most of his subs are bots, she has a much bigger following, he was screwed, so he changed his username multiple times, stuck with official_zafiro to attempt to run away, hide.

He took Wolfychu's animations, edited the clothes off, advertised it on his pateron many times. He even took it a step furthur, tried to find a voice actress to pretend to be wolfychu, creating a false wolfychu, to pretend wolfychu is his friend, and gave him permission to lewd her work and sell it, which is identity fraud.

Recently Niina Xan made a deal with Cristali, he edits her art into porn, sells it, in exchange, leave the other animators alone, stop lewding their art, selling it against their will.
He agreed to it, but I don't trust him

He has lied, made false promises before, including giving Cristali away, only to continue using her. He lied that he stopped tracing, but he still does it. He lied that Huion gave him a art tablet and Nintendo gave him a Switch pack for free as gifts. He promised a switch to a winning fan, they never got it.
He does this all the time

He should not make money at all, its all stolen content, not any piece in his pateron is his art.

This needs to stop

Ban him

Personal story
I know its stupid, but I'm just so tired of this man hurting people, get off Scott free, make money off his victims. Youtube, pateron, twitter, redbubble won't punish him no matter how many times people report him or write emails about him. Some have even tried to the authorities on him, but nothing happens.
Something needs to happen other than rants. Cristali has to go. He has hurt too many people, has broken so many laws, pateron needs to ban his account, he shouldn't earn a penny off other artists.
0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!