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These animals are treated as property, forced to work to financially benefit their human masters. They are made to work year round, in all types of weather extremes (blazing heat/snow storms). They spend hours beating the hard pavement doing monotonous circles of town. They are often exposed to loud noises from the busy traffic in the town such as busses, motorcycles and loud automobiles. They are positioned at the busiest intersection in town, which is extremely dangerous.

They have been observed working with limited access to water and proper shade, they have also been documented being run through town. Carriage drivers have been observed using hand held devices to take pictures of activists while operating the carraige, and have been recorded violating other highway traffic act laws such as not completely stopping at stop signs, making illegal turns from improper lanes and engaging in behavior that endangers both horses and customers.

Their local supporters have also made threats towards peaceful protesters and demanded that their rights to peacefully assemble to stand for these animals be curtailed.

They have claimed that-

"out of town opinions do not matter" and "people who care about animal rights are not welcome". They want to "run people out of town" who do not support the use of horses to pull carriages for profit, carriage company employees have also called for friends to come commit crimes against peaceful demonstrators such as assaults with projectiles. 

By signing this pledge you will be letting the Niagara on the lake mayor and city council know that not only is it high time to ban horse carriages (Like the ban recently passed in Montreal Qc and Barcelona Spain) but that this egregious behaviour by locals towards peaceful demonstrators is completely unacceptable.