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Press ahead with urgent climate change work with or without the U.S.

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 Climate change is upon us. It is effecting the world, different species, our farms, our businesses, weather patterns are extreme and cities are struggling to find a way to respond. It is imperative that we, as a global community, act quickly to save the world as we know it before it is too late. The world leaders involved in the global agreement being worked on to create emissions regulations for countries around the world, known as the Paris Agreement, lost some of their morale on Nov. 8th, with the event of the American elections.  There was mounting anxiety for the leaders in the meeting known as COP 22 held in Marrakech, Morocco, where they were gathered to place more concrete emissions regulations on countries involved. This change in tone at COP22 was due to the fact that Trump has stated that, as president, he would pull America out of the Paris Agreement.

We, as American citizens and Global citizens, are urging the leaders of the Paris Agreement (CMA 1) to press ahead in their work to save all life on earth by accelerating the transition to a low-carbon global economy with or without U.S. involvement.

It is urgent that they carry on in the case that the U.S. Government withdraws from the agreement. They hold the fate of the entire planet and all it's inhabitants in their hands. The decision they make, weather to keep working toward concrete regulations for emission mitigation, or to be discouraged from this work based on America's level of involvement, could cost us the world.

In the case of American withdrawal, we also encourage the world leaders of CMA 1 to avoid putting tariffs on America's high polluting exports.  For, while this seems like a fair and prudent way to create equality on the world stage initially, in the long run it may cause tremedous global strife.  In the case that Trump chooses to retaliate with tariffs on smaller countries, economies that cannot withstand tariff wars with the United States could be severely effected and this could lead to global disarray.


Full text of the letter to the leaders of CMA 1 follows:

Dear World Leaders of the Paris Agreement,

Please know the majority of us living in the United States deeply regret our government's potential decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement; the agreement so diligently worked on, the agreement in which many governments are willing to make sacrifices in their economies in order to save life on earth.

We are writing to plea with you, for the sake of everyone on earth, in the case our government withdraws, please, carry on without us. We do fully acknowledge that our country's withdrawal certainly may cause a great rift; a justified bitterness in those who are willing to sacrifice and see others, who's actions bare much consequence, unwilling to do the same. The urge to react by forcing the U.S. to make these sacrifices to it's own economy by raising tariffs on our high polluting exports is understandable. No one can reasonably stop you from doing what you feel you must do to bring justice to the world stage.

Please consider, however, such a reaction may not be the most prudent step for the safety of the world. For, with possible U.S. retaliation to such tariffs, any resulting trade wars may collapse economies that cannot stand up to a battle of attrition with the United States. Economies collapsing around the world could lead to much strife; war, famine and refugees. While the fierce urge to immediately create an even playing ground, of equal emissions restrictions for all big polluters, is palpably understood by hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens, we plea with you to take the long view for the world. We don't ask that you give the U.S. an easy pass with no tariffs or restrictions because we think it's right, moral, or in the immediate interest of anyone. Instead, we ask with the long term safety of the entire world in mind. You hold the earth and all it's inhabitants in your hands. Whatever decisions you make now are not only consequential to particular nations, or even to particular species, but effect the fate of the existence of the world. Perhaps holding off putting any regulations on the U.S. for the next four years would do less overall harm for the whole of world.

It is imperative that you carry on without us. In the case of U.S. withdrawal, the tendency to engage in retaliation is far too expensive an act. We must all keep our focus on what will carry us through these days with a life supporting planet on the other end. To get disheartened, or focus on actions of retaliation such as retreat from the agreement yourselves, cannot be the way. Right now the outlook is, at worst, ominous, questionable at best. There is a collective fear and anticipation around the globe about how America's actions will effect the future. The next four years may cost the world much, in many ways. If any of you pull out or discontinue your work, due to America's withdrawal, it may cost the world.

Much can happen in four years and the stakes are extremely high right now. That being said, it is also a short amount of time. Envision a political tide in America that may turn again, as it often does, in just four years. Envision our government being on board with you again. Perhaps you can wait this out.

Thank you for you sacrifices and hard work to save us all and future generations of all beings.






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