Parole for Joshua Johnson

Parole for Joshua Johnson

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Started by Joshua Johnson

Less than two months after his eighteenth birthday, in an act of cowardice, fear and selfishness, Joshua Johnson stabbed to death a young man (out of respect for his family, who already know and feel the pain and loss every day, his name is not put here). This was in March of 95. He was called a monster, unfit for society and sentenced to life in prison. This was done when there was no parole eligibility for people who committed crimes after January 1, 1995.

Since his incarceration, Joshua has earned his GED, received multiple certifications in vocational training, maintained highly trustworthy jobs, taken numerous courses that focus on changing thought processes and focusing on the impact of crimes in general. Years ago, he was also placed, into a pre-entry community, due to his positive mental attitude, for his exhibiting of proper mores and his consistent adherence to the rules and regulations of institutions. He was placed in a position to help mentor the guys who were ready to be released back into society soon.
All of this was done before Joshua was even afforded the opportunity for the chance to be granted parole.

Joshua has proven consistently, that his horrendous mistakes as a kid, were not those of a monster but a monstrous mistake. When he had no hope of release, he chose to educate himself, to not get into trouble and to help others. He did this and so much more instead of acting out and acting up and continuously acting against the rules and regulations.

Everything that he has done, was not to check off a list of requirements to help get him released. Remember, he wasn't eligible for that opportunity. He did and continues to do these things because, the horrible actions and inactions of that kid twenty-seven years ago are not the thoughts or feelings of the man today.

In almost every other state, Joshua would have been released years ago and been a productive member of society. If he had committed his crimes two and a half months earlier, he would have been eligible for parole thirteen years ago. Yet, he is in no other state and made his terrible mistakes when he did.

Society talks about prison reform and rehabilitation every election in every state nationwide. All of the years Virginia didn't believe in the slightest bit of rehabilitation but subscribed to the warehousing method, Joshua educated himself and others. Joshua took courses. Joshua worked. Joshua, at every annual evaluation, was said to have a low recidivism rate and a low violent recidivism rate (on a scale of low to high). Joshua did everything to better himself and rehabilitate himself when there was absolutely no hope. When there was no chance to gain freedom or praise, Joshua did what was right and proper and productive.

It goes to show, that now that he is afforded an opportunity, what type of man he has become when there was no chance. He is not that kid or that kids’ actions. Has not been for a long time. He is the man now, that has an opportunity to prove he is a productive member of society out here, as he has proven he is a productive member of a community in there.

Please support Joshua Mitch Johnson in his endeavor to obtain favor to be granted parole. 

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281 have signed. Let’s get to 500!