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We want PA's General Assembly to change legislation of life sentences

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Currently, a legislative bill is prepared to be presented to Pennsylvania'a General Assembly for consideration and vote. This legislative bill is proposing parole eligibility after 25 years for men and women serving sentences of life imprisonment throughout Pennsylvania. However, before this legislative bill is formally presented, we humbly ask for your signature of support. The proposed legislative bill will be presented to certain member(s) of the Senate to be presented on behalf of the family members, loved ones, and friends of prisoners serving sentences of "life imprisonment without parole".

We understand that parole eligibility for people convicted of murder is not a popular issue with the public. After all, we are talking about people who have caused great loss and pain to the public and community. However, it should also be recognized that such persons are not the same individuals they were 20, 30, 40, or 50 years ago. No human being would like for the totality of who they are to be defined by a single action or mistake, and a sentence of "life without parole" does not adequately consider the possibility of change in a person.

As the death penalty continues to lose supporters in this country, (Connecticut being the 17th state to formally abolish the death penalty), the sentence of "life without parole" is being marketed to the public as an increasingly viable alternative. Sadly, many opponents to the death penalty have become some of the strongest proponents of "life without parole" sentences. They however, do not consider that such a punishment is merely a sentence of "death by incarceration".

We believe that to sentence someone to "life without parole" is to say that he or she is incapable of change. How can anybody but God determine that? We also believe that this systematic termination of redemption is a crime against humanity, and we need your signature of support to end this draconian practice in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania... To support this legislative bill of "Parole Eligibility For Life Sentences After 25 Years", simply sign the provided online petition and let your voice be heard!


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