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Deny parole for DeMarko Quinta Carlisle AIS number 203532


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On April 1, 1997, Jo Ann Watkins Busby was visiting her oldest daughter, who had been recovering from an operation. Tired, she decided to go home after first making a stop at a local retail store to pick up a few items. She went into the store, picked up a few things, preceded to the check out, and headed back out of the store toward her car. After unlocking her doors and getting in the driver seat, two teenage boys approached her, one standing on either side of the car. Both of them had loaded guns pointed at her. They demanded her purse, which contained the money she would need to be able to support herself through the duration of the month. She refused and began honking the horn of her car, yelling for help. That is when DeMarko Quinta Carlisle pulled the trigger. Jo Ann was shot fatally that night by DeMarko, who, after shooting her, ran away, not even taking the purse that he had tried so hard to get, the purse that cost Jo Ann her life.
Jo Ann was a loving, compassionate, giving, and incredible person. She was a wonderful mother, grandmother, sister, and friend. She was 56 years old when DeMarko ended her life. She left behind two daughters, six grandchildren, one sister, and countless friends. The devastation that came after her death cannot even be put into words.
DeMarko has been incarcerated since he was sixteen years old. After murdering Jo Ann, DeMarko took a plea deal. He entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences with the possibility of parole. The stipulations of his plea deal stated that he had to admit guilt and tell everything leading up to and after the moment. He admitted to trying to rob Jo Ann and, as a result of her blowing the horn and yelling for help, he shot her in cold blood.
DeMarko is currently in St. Claire Correctional Facility where he has had several behavioral infractions since his last parole hearing. He has only served a tiny fraction of his sentence. By continuously getting into trouble, DeMarko has shown no signs of rehabilitation or remorse for his actions. He is a violent offender who ended a person’s life. He has never reached out to Jo Ann’s family to apologize and demonstrate that he is a changed man. DeMarko Quinta Carlisle should not be released from prison into the public where he could commit even more crime and inflict sadness for another family. We implore you to deny parole and keep our communities safe.

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