A refund on holiday park fees

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With the current situation and people not being able to use there holiday homes fees have been paid for year in March for example and not being able to get use out it I believe owners should be entitled to a partial refund but some park owners are offering nothing because it's a government instruction, basically saying it's not there fault so you are getting nothing. 

I would like the government to step in and instruct these park owners that a partial refund should be given for the missed week's and month's.

They are not going to give this money back willingly saying it's a government decision then I think that  should work for both of the parties also.

Some owners can only just afford site fees at present as they are also ridiculously high as there is no government intervention  monitoring these park owners and their scandalous rules and fees they make up as they go along to sit themselves and we don't get a day or told if you don't like it leave and offer you peanuts for your caravan, owners can not win so intervention on the government's behalf would be very much welcomed on behalf of all caravan owners who have sited caravans. 

I really hope you can help ease the situation as when we are allowed back it will be a great stress reliever for all and this would be a big relief. 


Alison Dalton.