Support Boris Johnson’s letterbox statement

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I believe the recent comments aired by Boris Johnson on women who wear clothing to hide their body and face as an acurate and brave statement. I believe this is the thoughts of many people, however the ‘media’ and weak members of government try to act politically correct by condemning this. Have we forgotten that there is freedom of speech. Mr Johnson may not be speaking for everyone but he is definitely airing my own personnel views. People are not allowed into shops with helmets on as there is a security risk when a persons features are not displayed. Why then is it fair and reasonable to allow a masked ‘person’ to do so. I do not feel comfortable in the presence of individuals with clothing masking their identity. Have we not all forgotten the many terrorist attacks recorded when an individuals identity is hidden like this, strapped with bombs and the like, sometimes men hidden in women’s clothing. I’m not saying that all who wear such clothing are inclined to do so, but when security and peoples welfare is under constant threat we need to be as transparent as possible and covering your body and face only suggests to me that you are hiding something. I for one applaud Mr Johnson’s bravery and courage to say what I believe the majority of us think. Be honest, if a person sat next to you on a flight to America when their face and body was covered in such a way what honestly would be your first thought?  The media and government are weak for not backing this unspoken problem.