Remove in perpetuity in timeshare contracts

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A large number of UK residents own timeshare’s with MacDonald Resorts Limited in various locations in the UK and Spain.  Many of the owners are now elderly and have illness which prevents them using their apartments  Unfortunately the timeshare company will not allow them to exit without paying an exit fee.  The exit fee is  4 years management fees with a return of 2 weeks holiday vouchers.  My dads exit fee would be £8000 plus this years fees of £2000. Where are pensioners expected to get this kind of money.  When they bought into timeshare it was sold as an investment so they thought it would be sold and they would have extra money to enjoy their retirement.  This is an in perpetuity contract which applies even after death.   This means the heirs to the estate will have to take on the timeshare otherwise the estate will be frozen. Please sign this petition to get the government to have a debate about the timeshare industry and perhaps follow the Spanish example where floating weeks and in perpetuity clauses are illegal 

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