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Tell Canada To Stop Protecting Sealers

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Every year, the Canadian government sets a quota of 468,000 baby harp seals to be killed. They will be kicked, shot, clubbed, and even skinned alive. They will be killed for fur, highly contaminated seal oil tablets, and their flippers will be turned into novelty seal meat for tourists. Luckily, due to the European ban on seal products, the sealers rarely get a quarter of that quota. However, the slaughter has to stop. 

Sea Shepherd has lead nonviolent protests against the Canadian seal hunt and has been unfairly arrested. In 2005, they were assaulted by sealers and the Canadian Coast Guard responded by arresting Sea Shepherd for illegally filming the seal hunt. In 2008, they were rammed by the Canadian Coast Guard for coming too close to the seal hunt. Later, the captain and first mate were arrested and the ship seized after they were successful in saving 57,000 seals.

Tell Canada to let the seal hunt die rather then turn it into a violent welfare scheme.

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