Remove Majid Jowhari from Parliament

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 •        The Member of Parliament for Richmond Hill, Majid Jowhari, has been found to have hidden his bankruptcy from the residents of Richmond Hill;

•        Was charged by the Professional Engineers of Ontario for falsifying his credentials by using the titles “engineer” and “professional engineer” when forbidden to do so;

•        Has paid a fine of $5,000 as instructed by the Professional Engineers of Ontario;

•        Has sponsored Petition E-553 which benefits and is in the interest of a foreign government, the Islamic Republic of Iran, a nation which has international sanctions against it and is a known state sponsor of terrorism;

•        Has met with members of Iran’s parliament in secret at his constituency office, without the involvement of Global Affairs Canada;

•        Has defended his stance in favour of the Islamic Republic of Iran, against the rights of protesters in that country, and has publicly called Iran's government “elected”;

•        Is closely tied in with the Iranian Canadian Congress, a lobby group which represents the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Canada and has been actively pursuing and lobbying Canada’s Government and Senate to remove sanctions against Iran and reopen embassies;

•        Is being investigated by the Commissioner of Canada Elections for a fundraiser he hosted and held in his riding this year;

•        This fundraiser was not open to the public and was solely attended by Iranians who are pro-Iranian Regime

•        Has had an extremely high turnover of staff in his constituency office and Ottawa office;

•        Had had numerous former staff members complain about his abusive behaviour and harassment of staff, particularly towards female staff members;

•        The Prime Minister of Canada, The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, has had many ample reasons and opportunities to remove the Member from the Liberal Caucus and yet has failed to do so.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Government of Canada to remove Majid Jowhari, M.P. from Parliament.