Federally-funded AARC employs killer Andrew Evans: Demand A Parliamentary Investigation

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The Alberta Teacher's Association was lobbied by the AARC - The Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre - to host convicted murderer Andrew Evans as a speaker on the 'hope' for 'recovery' from drug addiction.
Today, public backlash forced the ATA to cancel his talk. But this is not good enough. It's unacceptable that the ATA would give a platform to a man who murdered a First Nations woman. And also we have heard that Andrew Evans *continues to be employed by the AARC*, who have refused to provide more information on his employment.
In 2009, dozens of women accused the AARC of covering up their abuse in their centres. Dean Vause, head of the AARC, called them "liars."
Dean Vause lobbied to have Andrew Evans released early, and to have his bail reduced. Otherwise, this murderer of women would still be in jail, instead of being paid to talk about his 'journey.'
The AARC receives $500,000 a year in Federal funding, so your tax-dollars may be going to pay the salary of a killer.

We demand a Parliamentary investigation into the oversight of the AARC and of Dean Vause.

In 2007, Andrew Evans strangled 33-year-old Nicole Parisien to death in a Kitsilano apartment. Evans claimed that after many hours of drinking and taking MDMA and Cannabis, he sought to pay Parisien for sex. Evans claims that when he was unable to get an erection, he became suddenly enraged and killed Nicole Parisien.

Evans was sentenced to life in prison in 2007, but was released early largely due to the work of AARC president Dean Vause. But this did not change Vause’s opinion of Evans. He lobbied heavily for Evans’ release and for the reduction of his parole conditions.

The relationship of Vause to killer Andrew Evans goes back longer than his crime. Evans was associated with AARC back to 1999.

Now, he AARC promoted Andrew Evans to the Alberta Teachers’ Union’s to give a feel-good speech about ‘recovery’, at the annual The Calgary City Teachers’ Convention. When this was reported by the media, the ATA refused to remove him from the schedule. The Calgary City Teachers’ Convention is mandatory for teachers, who can be docked pay or even terminated for refusing to attend.

We only have Evans’ story, but he paints himself as a victim less than a perpetrator— he blames his addiction for his crime, although it’s not clear what, if any, chemical dependence he had when he brutally killed Nicole. But what is clear is that the AARC has been accused of siding with abusers many times: