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More punishment for "parents" who walk away from their children!

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Harsher punishments should be put on "parents" who walk away.. how is it okay for someone to leave a child, and the other parent is left to work, pay for childcare, food, rent, clothes, toys, etc etc the list is endless! Why should the lone parent pay for childcare when they're the ones looking after the children (while they are not at work providing for their child of course)? It should be the parent who's abandoned the child who has to pay for childcare as they're the absent one. It is practically murder what these "parents" are doing, they leave an innocent child one day, they just decide not to turn up when they're meant to, and that's ok? How about if the single parent one day decided to leave? The child would either end up in care (best option) or dead if not found! IF a parent decides to walk away from a child, which hopefully should reduce as the punishment gets harsher, they should pay for half of what it takes to bring up a child. 

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