Help get Cannabis / CBD / THC, available FREE on the NHS for Fibromyalgia & chronic pain.

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Numerous of studies have been done on the medicinal and pain relieving benefits of CBD oil for so many health issues yet the NHS does not yet prescribe it. But instead we are prescribed a combination of medications which gives a lot of us negative side effects or like myself still in pain.

We should be able to have this on the NHS to give us a pain free lifestyle instead of been given NHS drugs that are proven to be worse of for patients.

I personally suffer from Fibromyalgia and I have found that CBD an effective treatment at the right strength with no negative side effects and I gain so many other benefits from when I used CBD, But unfortunately it works out very expensive on a weekly bases for the correct strength. An expense that is unaffordable for most people including myself. The concoction of big pharmaceutical medication cost the government a lot more than it would pay out for the CBD & THC.

I would like to see CBD & THC being made available in the UK AND Northern Ireland for Fibromyalgia & pain related conditions free on the NHS .