Rename Vare Recreation Center to The Regina Byrne Recreation Center

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Regina (Cronin) Byrne was born on June 30, 1931 to Michael and Marie Cronin. She was the youngest of 7 children. She grew up at 26th and Morris Sts. and  attended St. Aloysius Grade School.

Mrs. Regina Byrne was a beloved Basketball, Softball amd Volleyball Coach during the 60's, 70's and 80's to the young ladies of St. Aloysius Grade School in Grays Ferry.

In 1963, the St. Al’s girls basketball team was in need of a coach and the girls were told to go ask Jean Byrne if she was interested, and she immediately said yes!  She found her true calling as a result of this decision.

She spent almost every waking moment at Vare Recreation Center in the Girl's Gym. St. Aloysius had a very small Gym and thankfully Vare was deemed her Home Court.

At one point, The Byrne Family moved to the Northeast and in only 1 year Mrs. Byrne and Family returned to their beloved Grays Ferry. She couldn't stay away from the Neighborhood that she so passionately loved.

When she returned, she became an Employee for the Department of Recreation at Vare Playground, 26th and Morris Sts. During the 60's and 70's she spent countless hours there as a Volunteer mentoring the Children she loved. Her unwavering dedication was unlike no other. She lived to serve the children of her community.

Upon her recent passing, we the People of Grays Ferry, Philadelphia, PA feel the greatest way to honor this Legend is to rename the Playground that she so desperately loved and dedicated her life's work to.

We feel renaming Vare Recreation Center to The Jean Byrne Recreation Center is the least we can do to keep her name alive and express our heartfelt gratitude and respect to a Woman who dedicated her life to our community.

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The people of Grays Ferry.