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We the parents at Wednesbury oak academy are starting a petition against the school in regards to the "no pay no play" scheme set up during lunch time play. The school were after ideas from the parent council as tobhow we could make lunchtime play more fun for the children, after many failed attempts at ideas put forward to the head teacher. This was rejected. The head teacher came back with the idea of a " fun time lunchtime" play equipment bag. (The name was thought up by another member of staff). The parent council thought this was a great idea and decided to come with ways of how to fund this. They came up with numerous ideas for example, fayres, own clothes days and after school discos, to name only a few. Yet again this was shunned upon by the head teacher. The head teacher then came back with the idea to ask the parents for a " voluntary" £6 A year per child to fund the equipment. One of the parent council questioned, "What if the parent doesn't pay?" The head of the parent council stated "if they don't pay, they can't play". The parent council were not at all happy with that idea, as this would be social and financial discrimination.  They all agreed that however much money was raised per class ALL children would get to play. The incentive was, the more money, the more equipment the WHOLE class would get to play with.

On Wednesday 3rd January 2018 this was rolled out to all the school at lunch time. However the playground was separated into groups of "paid " and "unpaid" students. This has caused outright disgust from children, Parents, grandparents, staff and such like. The parents that have paid and parents that haven't are totally against the separation of the children as this can cause upset, bullying and social exclusion amongst other things. We therefore request the "scheme" to be discontinued as its just not something that any of us wish to be associated with. 

Please sign our petition so that ALL OUR CHILDREN at wednsbury oak academy can play together. 

All should play or none at all.

Thank you .....

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