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Talk To Your Teens About Distracted Driving

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Nine out of 10 Richmond teens say they know texting while driving is dangerous and illegal in Virginia, yet more than half (58 percent) admit to doing it. Texting, finding the right music, Facebook, Instagram or the latest social apps for your teen’s smartphone are just a fraction of distractions teens are tempted with when getting behind the wheel.

How can we stop texting and driving among teens? Talk to them – today.
Marks & Harrison encourages you to sign our pledge and commit to discussing the dangers of texting and driving with your teen.

Tips to Talk to Your Teen

Teens aren’t always eager to talk to their parents. We’ve created a list of ways to bring up the topic with your teen.


  • Working it into every day conversations. Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Jordin Sparks have spoken out about the danger of texting and driving. This can be a casual conversation.
  • Talking about it with your spouse at the dinner table or with a friend when your teen is around, so they can overhear the conversation.
  • Being an example. When you are driving with your teen in the car and receive a text, make an effort to ignore it until you are no longer behind the wheel. Texting while driving takes your eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds. If you are driving at 55mph, it’s like driving the entire length of a football field with your eyes closed.
  • Sharing real stories. Our study shows approximately nine people die every day from accidents caused by distracted driving. This isn’t a scare tactic, it’s reality.
  • Downloading an app. It sounds ironic, but there are several applications for smartphones that can serve as a safe-driving tool.
  • Talk about good driving habits, the conversation doesn’t have to be negative.
  • Talk about it more than once. In our study, 80 percent of teens who responded yes to having a discussion about texting and driving with their parents chose to text and drive anyway.

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