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The Removal of Dawn Santiago-Marullo as Supt. of Victor Central Schools

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Topic:  Petition to immediately terminate Dawn Santiago Marullo, Superintendent, Victor Public Schools

Rationale:   Under Dawn Santiago-Marullo’s administrative governance, Victor Central High School students authored three haiku texts (300 page compilations) which were bound, published and placed for sale on   The third text “Super Team Haiku” (published using school media systems and hardware/property) is the text that has become most largely ‘public’ and has generated student and parental concern.   

 These texts contained defamatory, racist, obscene and bullying content.  Content within these texts blatantly violate school and state policy as related to diversity, civility, and safety.  Victimized students were cited, by name, in published and public works.   Sexual orientation slurs are rife through-out the work(s).   Encouragement for student suicides are evident.   The work is replete with bigoted, hateful and destructive comments.

 Victor Central Schools is a New York State High Performing District.   The expectations of the Victor community are excellence in academic leadership, ethical behavior, curricular oversight, as well as the assurance that ALL Victor students will have a safe, supportive, secure, and respectful learning environment.  The current Superintendent has failed in her responsibilites for the safety of our children, for transparent and proactive leadership/education, and has violated the trust of the VCS academic community and the community of Victor at lart.

 Role Violation:

The roles of the VCS Superintendent, as outlined in the Victor Central School Code of Conduct, states that the Superintendent is expected to:

1.     Maintain a climate of mutual respect and dignity for all regardless of actual or perceived race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sex, sexual orientation, or gender (including gender identity and expression, which will strengthen students’ self-concept and promote confidence to learn.

2.     Know school policies and rules, and enforce them in a fair and consistent manner.

3.     Promote a safe, orderly and stimulating school environment, supporting active teaching and learning.

4.     Support the development of and student participation in appropriate extracurricular activities.

5.     Evaluate all instructional programs on a regular basis.

6.     Ensure that students, staff and parents have the opportunity to communicate regularly with administrators and to approach administrators for resolution of conflicts.

7.     Work to create instructional programs that minimize problems of misconduct and are sensitive to student and teacher needs.

8.     Review with District administrators Board of Education policies and state/federal laws relating to school operations and management.

9.     Maintain confidentiality in accordance with federal and state law.

10.   Inform the Board about educational trends relating to student discipline.

11.   Work with District administrators in enforcing the code of conduct and ensuring that all issues are resolved promptly an fairly.

12.   Participate in school-wide efforts to provide adequate supervision in all school spaces.

13.   Address issues of harassment or any situation that threatens the emotional or physical health or safety of any student, school employee, or any person who is lawfully on school property or at a school function.

14.   Address personal biases that may prevent equal treatment of all students and staff.

 Be it noted:  In this specific instance, All 14 role-criterion have been violated.  



To Date:

·       Parents have had to aggressively seek out meetings with school personnel.  Communication from the district has been sparse and purposefully vague.

·       The Superintendent is purposefully creating false realities and down-playing the severity of the issue.  This ‘reality’ is being fed to lower-administrative entities (i.e, principals and guidance counselors.  The text is being down-played as satire or humor.  The content of the text, however, is purposefully insulting, racist, bigoted and obscene.

·       As stated above, EVERY professional code (and student code) of conduct for Victor Central Schools has been violated.  Students name directly and explicitly in this text have heard NOTHING from school administration.

·       Other than requesting a letter of apology from the students involved, absolutely nothing proactive and constructive has been done to address this violation of civil law and civil decency.  

·       There have been no filings of state code violations authored by the superintendent or the Board of Education.

·       Despite the request for such, no form of public education nor public forum has been mounted. 

As previously stated, Dawn Santiago-Marullo, whose current salary is $197,133, has violated each of the 14 performance criterion for the Superintendent of Victor Central Schools.  


Furthermore, Santiago-Marullo is guilty of:

·       Failure to report hate crime related behavior to parents, the Board of Education, and state officials

·       Failure to uphold the New York State Dignity Act and all provisions there-in

·       Failure to report cyber-bullying, media-based bullying

·       Failure to intercede and cease discrimination

·       Failure to prepare and protect students from publically distributed and school-generated media

·       Failure to defend the rights of students to a safe learning environment

·       Failure to lead to resolution and rectify wrong-doing

·       Failure to provide a safe/secure school setting

·       Failure to inform parents and community regarding student wrong-doing

·       Purposeful false information to media and families


 Therefore, due to the violations of professional code, professional conduct, and the blatant violation of public trust (as evidenced by her disregard for the education, safety and the protection of human dignity of the pupils under her charge), the community of Victor, New York, is demanding the immediate termination of Dawn Santiago-Marullo.

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