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Lone Asian elephant Pafos zoo

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I visted Pafos Zoo in November 2016 to find a lone Asian elephant who broke my heart. Her small enclosure that consisted of concrete, one tree and a small water feature that was pure green water left her with nothing else to do than pace her enclosure or rip parts of the tree off, not for her feeding but purely to give her something to do. I saved up the money  and made another visit in November 2017 to find the conditions no better and she was still all alone. Both times I left the so called 'zoo' crying. I went home and done some investigating - Pafos zoo had 're-homed' two Asian elephants from a small park in Bangladesh.


Within the first year one elephant had died. 


 The elephants were 4 and 5 years old when they had arrived at the zoo so obviously are elephants that are only used to being confined. I wish that Pafos Zoo would rehome this beautiful girl to a true elephant sanctuary so she could live a life with others of her own and the care that she truely needs.


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