Help to save the Catholic Church of Shimizu in Japan from demolition

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Help to save the Catholic Church of Shimizu in Japan from demolition!

It is planned to demolish the Catholic Church of Shimizu. Only by decree of  the diocese of Yokohama the historic church building established in 1935 can be saved.

The church in the prefecture of Shizuoka had been erected by Lucien Delahaye, a French missionar and priest. From 1914 on Delahaye led one of the biggest rectories of Shizuoka where he also had be laid to rest.

The Gothic church is completely wooden made, from the outside in a modest style with subtle but effective colourful windows and rose windows Very impressive are the wonderful  high cross manger arches.

Unfortunately the historic recordings of the building had been disappeared, hence the actual architect is not known. However, to establish an occidental styled monument in such a professional way  only the carpenter Miyadaiku could accomplish such an artwork at that time.

As if by magic the church survived the second world war and offered refugees in Japan, but not only to Christians shelter.

But now the threat of demolition!.

A preservation of this historic and unique historical monument can be entitled by decree of the diocese.

Please help by your signature, to preserve the Church of Shimizu, that the lifework of Father Delahaye will remain, a man who loved Shimizu and Japan so much!