Less accusations, more support - for Sebastian Vettel

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We saw a petition circulating on the web for Fernando Alonso's return to Ferrari; instead this petition is made in support of Sebastian Vettel.
In such a delicate moment for Scuderia Ferrari, Sebastian is the perfect driver.
Ever since he was a child, his dream has been to win a title with La Rossa.
He endured difficult years like 2015 and 2016 and he has fought to the end in these two years.
Sebastian gave us proof of being able to make magic races and to win where it was less likely.
Sebastian has shown us to love this team, like no other.
If he is loyal to us, then we must be with him.
We have to stay close to him and give him all the strength necessary to face these last races and to come back stronger and more determined next year.
In this period there are many accusations against the German driver and the team.
This is no longer the period in which the criticisms are constructive, as they begin to weigh more and more in an already problematic situation. As true fans, as we are, this is the moment to shout loudly "FORZA FERRARI" and "I AM WITH SEB" because that's what they need now. They need support, strength and patience and we will be there to give them all this.
We are a family, we win and lose together.
Seb, we're with you, until the end.
"Voglio essere uno di voi, né più, né meno. Io sono parte della squadra e anche se in pista sono da solo, so che in realtà non lo sono mai perché sono sempre con voi. So che vivremo ancora grandi momenti insieme"