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Fire Prejudiced, Discriminatory Music Teacher for holding back SHY bi-racial student!

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I want this Caucasian Music Teacher, Ms. Shellie Parkinson, at Palos Verdes High School, FIRED for wrongfully holding back my son from advancing to the next level of music AFTER he made Tri-M Music HONORS Society - note the word - HONORS - proving he HAS the musical abilities to be in the next level of music, which is Jazz Band 2.  Play the link below to hear his playing abilities!

There are many kinds of prejudice and discrimination - not just limited to racism.  Ms. Parkinson, Music Teacher at PVHS, held my son back NOT because he isn't TALENTED enough MUSICALLY to make the next level of music, which is Jazz Band 2, BUT BECAUSE HE IS SHY!!!! 

He WAS SHY in his freshman year.  He is now a sophomore.  He has changed.  He has become more outgoing.  He has been volunteering more. He volunteered to do more solos!

Yet, Ms. Parkinson does not recognize any of the new positive changes in my son.  She only remembers what happened last year!  Ms. Parkinson is basing her decision on how he was last year!  This is NOT right! 

My son should NOT be penalized for how he was last year - his FRESHMAN year!

My son is bi-racial - half-Chinese, half-Caucasian.  He is the only one that is like this.  Well, there is one other bi-racial student BUT he is half-Japanese, half-Caucasian.  HE is outgoing so Ms. Parkinson promoted HIM to Jazz Band 2.

Even the Asians in this group are segregated from one another!  The Japanese and Korean students are not really friendly towards my son, half-Chinese, half-Caucasian.

Ms. Parkinson is power-hungry!  PVHS is an elite, prestigious high school in Southern California, with many, many rich parents.  She accepted a brand new Grand Piano from another student's parents.  I believe this student made the next level of music - Jazz Band 2.  Which he might not have without this expensive gift!  I believe this was a bribe!  This was supposedly an anonymous gift but we ALL KNOW how THAT goes!

Because we did NOT gift the music department with a huge, expensive gift, our son was wrongfully held back!

If you have EVER been wrongfully treated, sign my petition and get this Caucasian Music Teacher at PVHS FIRED!  

If you sign my petition, I will sign yours!

Here is a link to my son soloing on a Carlos Santana song.  He is playing the Alto Sax:


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