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Save the Palo Alto animal shelter

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The undersigned individuals represent the voices of our community. We are the parents, the grandparents, the teens and the children who reside and/or work in the City of Palo Alto or neighboring communities.

We respectfully request that the City of Palo Alto, under the auspices of the Palo Alto City Council, maintain the Palo Alto Animal Services/Shelter, located at 3281 E. Bayshore Road in Palo Alto.

We, the undersigned petitioners, do not agree with the City of Palo Alto request to the Palo Alto City Council, to outsource/contract out the City of Palo Alto Animal Services/Shelter to ‘Pets In Need’ or any other organization.

Palo Alto is a pet-loving community. We must work jointly to investigate alternative options such as: fund-raising activities, bond issues, updating prices for adoptions and other services as well as brainstorm ideas within the community. This approach can create the financial means necessary for the City to continue to operate this vital program and the costs of any needed remodeling/rehabilitation of the facility, for the sake of the animals and the public.

The resulting layoffs of qualified city employees at the Animal Services Shelter would severely reduce the quality of services consistently provided to the public in regards to pet adoptions, lost/abandoned animals, the rescue of animals in need, the ability to house and properly care for dogs, cats and other small exotic animals such as bunnies, guinea pigs, birds and reptiles, that are in need of services.

Many local Animal Welfare Rights groups in our community agree that animals will be best protected, cared for and properly served in a City-based facility with City employees who are invested in their welfare.

We believe that there are viable alternatives to preserve the Animal Services/Shelter, which the Palo Alto community depends upon for the premiere services of adoption and rescue of animals in need, provided by the Animal Services Shelter and the staff, which has engaged citizens for generations in the City of Palo Alto.

We ask you, our esteemed representatives on the City Council, to deliberate your actions with tempered judgments and compassionate wisdom.

We believe that the true definition of any sustainable community is one that engages all parties to come together to provide feasible solutions.

Therefore, we ask that you reconsider the City request to outsource the Animal Shelter and support the vision to maintain the Animal Services Shelter and work with us in a partnership to create community-based alternative options with minimal impact to the animals we serve, the city staff and the public at large.

Let the Public Community, the City of Palo Alto & the Members of the Palo Alto City Council work together to produce a plan that is fiscally solvent and morally in line with the values, integrity and professionalism that are emblems of the City of Palo Alto.

Thank you for your respect, time and consideration of our petition.

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