Give the boy racers a skid area so they can stop ruining our streets. IT'S NOT A GOOD LOOK

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Every weekend car enthusiasts gather together, block the police off, wake up families, disturb the peace & tear apart our streets

Police have had no control over the scene so in order to stop this from happening I feel the best idea (its been mentioned for many years) would be to let the boy racers have their own area as to which they can use for their weekend activities.

A safe ground for everyone, away from defenceless families, who do not enjoy these people interupting their quiet weekends.

I know most of the car enthusiasts personally and have been close to these boy races for years understanding their culture and helping them be mindful of others. I have been trying my hardest to keep many of them out of trouble, and keep our community safe, sometimes I feel like i'm doing a better job then the NZ Police, however I now have a new born baby arriving and cannot continue to try and keep everyone safe forever.

I personally think it's about time councils of all surrounding areas, sit down and take a realistic approach to this situation. To stop this madness on our streets and to save lives. The Police have failed & now its time to figure something else out. For the greater good of the community.