Pakistan International Airlines - Please stop the cruel shipping of greyhounds now!!

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Greyhounds are being unnecessarily and regularly shipped from the UK to Pakistan. These dogs are highly sensitive, and do not deserve to be forced to travel for up to 20 hours including flight time, while confined in a crate where they can barely move, before arriving in a climate where they are not suited and often struggle to cope with the heat. These dogs are temperature sensitive too!!  Once these gentle dogs arrive in Pakistan they are exploited for racing and hunting purposes. When they are no longer used for racing, generally after one season, many are sold to pig hunters and used to fight wild boar. These dogs are frail, gentle dogs and do not deserve such horrific cruelty, where they may be tore limb by limb and die a horrific death simply to entertain the Pakistani people. This is totally unacceptable.  We have names of people exporting these dogs and will bring this to the attention of the media if these cruel shipments are not brought to an end. Please place an embargo on PIA to prevent the carriage of ALL greyhounds now. This whole situation is causing uproar within the British public. We would like PIA to take action now and show they have morals!!