Save Horse Racing in Pennsylvania before it's too late

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The horse racing industry in the state of Pennsylvania is on the verge of collapse. If we do not act, the impact on tens of thousands of people and horses across our state will be catastrophic. As a result of Gov. Tom Wolf’s Stay at Home Orders and closures of non essential businesses, horse racing has been suspended throughout PA. If horse racing does not reopen soon thousands of people will face economic devastation.

Horse racing in Pennsylvania is responsible for creating up to 23,000 jobs within the state. Economic studies indicate that horse racing and breeding generate as much as $1.6 billion of economic activity in the state alone. Furthermore, $68.8 million dollars in tax revenues are generated for our state by the horse racing industry. It is also important to note that there are nearly 17,000 horses stabled across Pennsylvania that need to be cared for with the revenues generated by racing.

The solution is simple: tell Gov.Tom Wolf to “Let ‘Em Run.” The National Thoroughbred Racing Association has released guidelines for racing safely during the Covid-19 pandemic. There are several states currently operating under these guidelines with great success. We can open our race tracks while keeping the public safe. Please help save an industry, jobs, farms and most importantly, the horses by signing this petition.