Keep Henley Bridge Lights

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Clive Hemsley has installed temporary lights to light up both sides of Henley-on-Thames bridge at his own cost.

He would now like to apply to Oxfordshire County Council to make the lights a permanent fixture and show the Council the support for this, through this petition.  

The bridge is now a significant focal point from both directions. The river views up and downstream featuring the five stone arches have now been enhanced. Using the equivalent output of one old-fashioned light bulb, Clive’s project has given the bridge a warm soft white light against the beautiful yellow ham stone.

Mr Hemsley said, “We have so many important events in Henley, not least of which is the Leander Club’s 200th anniversary this year, which are worth celebrating. It makes perfect sense, both from a tourist’s and a local’s point of view. We feature other ancient buildings within Henley, including St Mary’s Church, with spotlights and street lights. It was a no-brainer for me to light up our beautiful ham stone bridge. We used the latest in LED technology with just 12 volts, making this project entirely safe and environmentally-friendly.”

Other benefits of lighting up the bridge is safety; all boat traffic especially during Henley Royal Regatta and Henley Festival week will be able to see where they are going