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Get the Oxford English Dictionary to change the spelling of 'Religion' to 'Relgion'

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For too long people across the country have been spelling 'religion' in a manner that is unacceptable to people who have ordered 5000 flyers for their Edinburgh Fringe show with it spelled 'relgion' in the main copy of their blurb.

These people have suffered long enough. Their quality of life has been reduced too far. A gap has opened between them and those people whose flyers contain no typos. 

It is the sincere hope of this movement that changes can be made to the English language to rectify this problem without having to resort to another costly print run. 

Ask yourself this? Is it justifiable to expect one man to pay upwards of £40 to enjoy the basic human right of handing out promotional materials that don't make him look like an illiterate idiot? 

It seems far more sensible to get The Oxford English Dictionary to issue a recall of every edition of their publication so that it might be replaced with a new and infinitely superior version. One that spells 'religion' 'relgion'.. as God always intended. No other changes will be necessary 

Please sign today. And share this with your friends and family. Consider also organising street teams and door-stepping initiatives to get the word out. Together we can form a grass roots movement to bring about the changes that we need to make this world a better place.

Thank you.

Jay Handley

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