Add vegan-friendly term barveque (BVQ) to the Oxford English Dictionary

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At the Fry Family Food Co, we believe the vegan-friendly term barveque (BVQ) should be added into the Oxford English Dictionary.

The current Oxford English Dictionary definition of barbecue contains both the words ‘meat’ and ‘fish’, but no mention of the numerous plant-based alternatives now enjoyed by vegans all over the world.

The proposed new term, barveque (BVQ), noun, is defined as ‘a meal or gathering at which solely plant-based, or vegan food is cooked out of doors on a rack over an open fire or on a special appliance’.

Last year, we launched a world record attempt for the world’s biggest BVQ – putting the ‘V’ into BBQ to prove that the traditionally meat-filled summer activity is not just for carnivores.

If this petition reaches 5,000 signatures, we will take it to the Oxford English Dictionary and appeal to them to include this new term, in celebration of vegan barveques worldwide.

- The Fry Family Food Co.