Help keep Officer Sugars as Sacopee Valley's resource officer!

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To the community of Sacopee Valley HS and the Oxford county sheriff's department,

Officer Christina Sugars is being forced to resign as Sacopee Valley high's resource officer and security guard. This is because of her supervisor, Sherrif Wainwright.

This would make a great impact on our community, leaving countless students and staff devastated. Officer Sugars has always been a great part of our school, and has left a good influence on countless students. Sugars is always making sure that our students and staff are safe, is always first on the scene and constantly ensuring we are okay. Yes, that may be her job, but Sugars is more then just our security guard. Officer Sugars invests her personal time getting to know each student individually, which makes us feel safer knowing that our security guard is putting time and effort into her job to go out of her way and make sure that the community is more than safe. Sugars attends all school functions. From her seniors graduations, to the junior class trip to Quebec City in Canada. None of the students at Sacopee Valley High want Officer Sugars gone. Students at school are signing and creating petitions to try and attempt to help her keep her job, because the more signatures the better. 

It's time to rally the valley, and fight for Officer Sugars. As said before she doesn't want to leave her job, she's being forced too. Students and parents from Sacopee Valley high, please share this to get the word across that Officer Sugars should stay!