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Stop with the Changes

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Seriously, a little tweak now and then is okay, but this is just TOO MUCH. They've changed our beautiful horses into ugly clay monsters, they've destroyed our precious peace by putting a promo every day-- and, they OVERLAP! This is just NOT fair!

Howrse used to be a game. It used to be an amazing game where people of all ages could come together and... do what? PLAY! Breed virtual horses for FUN! Sometimes, I wonder... does anyone on Howrse know what "fun" means? Sometimes, I don't think anyone does. 

They used to have the Ideas forum. You could tell them something, and they would listen. It was a peaceful unity. They would hear what you had to say... Howrse doesn't even listen anymore... do they? I don't think so.

A player got so annoyed that they wrote a poem:

"Dear Howrse,

Why did you add the VIP
When the Pegasus was fine?
The game was perfect then
Yes, quite alright.

Why did you take our reserves
And throw them into one?
We had to manage both
But now it's half the fun!

Why would you change the looks
When it was organized just fine
Sales where they were supposed to be
The exchange and store, why are they not combined?

Why would you drive away your top players
And act like you don't care?
Look at all of these retired breeders
And tell me that it's fair

Why would you add the teams
When you could have compromised?
One of the best on the net
Seems now just like a lie

Why did you change our emojis?
And improve them so you say
Nobody sheds just a tear
It doesn't work that way!

Why did you discard our opinions
And push us to banners and petitions?
And decide to go your own way
And just never listen?

Why can we not post polls
When you took away our one shot
We finance this game,
Just in case you forgot!

Why would you take the farrier
And the saddler and the groom?
Where's the realism,
Now that you've got the room.

Why did you remove objectives
And just give us trophies
Was there a better reason?
Something we fail to see?

Now that we're on that topic,
Failing to see
Why do you not understand,
We lend you our time,
It's not yours to keep.

Why can we not sell graphics
If we put in the time
Not like any of it's real
We aren't making a dime!

Why do you insist on adding Divines
That aren't even rare?
And not see those that worked for them
Think you do not care?

Why do you not see
The steep fall ahead?
Turn the other way,
So many players have said.

What happened to the Classifieds?
When it was all so easy
Post at 12 pm
And have an offer in the evening

Why do we have to spend 1% of our reserve
Paying vet fees and covering our mares?
A minimum of 200, and a max of 2500
That's just absurd!

Why are unicorns so common
Because you decreased 6 to 5
And added a VIP perk of 4?
We can't take any of this anymore!

Perhaps you'll have to take the fall,
To see the error of your ways
Taking your players for granted,
And losing them in a maze?

Not just any maze, though
This is a maze of hope
We're trying to get this through to you,
But you tell us don't!

I wish you well,
As I now wrap up,
Trying to make a point,
Us players have had enough!

And you may never see this
But we've got the knowledge
Not to take over,
But to show you what's best.


Taken for granted players

(Repost if you agree!)" 

I seriously agree with every word written there. ^^ And, below:


Dear Howrse,

I'm posting this here since there's really nowhere else to post it. My hope is that enough players see it, agree with it and post it in their forums for others to see. Really Howrse, someone needs to tell you this and you need to listen to the people who pay your bills.

Players are quitting everyday. Old players, ones that used to love this site (and payed hundreds of dollars for it), are the most popular among them. Whatever the reason, most all share a common anger: Howrse just isn't the same as it was a few years back. Now, an online game must evolve to keep up with new players, I understand that, and completely agree. But Howrse has taken a turn for the worse.

I'm not going to nit-pick through all the things that players don't agree with, but here are some major things that is upsetting a lot of pass buying players:

1. All the promos.
Promos, as I understand, are important. They spur on pass buying, encourage players to log on more, and become more active players. Promos are a good thing, people like them. But what players do NOT like is having one promo after another, one more "thing" that they need to buy. After a while, promos are almost completely ignored as players realise a promotion is nothing new, and has nothing new to offer. My end opinion: Promos are awesome, but why not keep it to 5 BIG promos a year, instead of 10 little ones that just end up getting ignored and incite players to quit?

2. A bunch of Divines.
Divines are things that everyone should strive for, right? Strive for and pay money to get it. They have to WANT the divine, to pay real money for it. Another thing about Divines is bragging rights. But what happens when the people your bragging to also have a Divine? What happens when a Divine is nothing new, and any player can get one, if they pay enough? A Divine should be special, individual and desirable, but Howrse has flooded the system with endless Divine after Divine. The Gem Stone horses? Too many and not nearly special enough. The Greyfell? Entirely pointless and given to too many people. No one WANTS a horse that anyone else can have. Supply and Demand, right? Supply sky-rockets, demand diminishes. And now with the arrival of the wild horses, there's no such thing as a special Special any more.

3. Restricting player's freedoms.
This one is a bit generalized, but it is still irritating to players. In the past few months, Howrse has taken away the ability to invoke a Slepiner, which was one of the main reasons people wanted them. Howrse has gotten rid of the ability to trade diamonds, which some players relied on to buy certain things. And don't even get me started on the new Karma System. That alone has pushed many old players over the edge, and a lot quit because of it. Player's want FREEDOM, so why not give it to them? It's not like it's hurting their pass buying.


There are more, but those are the main 3. In the past few months, 3 of my personal Howrse friends have quit, and I know for a fact they were all pass buyers. They were devoted players, but these 3 things were the main reasons they left. I also know more who are planning on quitting, and there are surely countless others I have never met.

My point is, Howrse is a company, and I respect that. You need to pay your bills like everyone else. But when half of your players have quit and more are planning on following, where does that leave you? No amount of Promotions or Divines will bring them back. Once players leave, they're done. Better to have a lot of players who pay a little bit less than before than none at all.


I know this letter will most likely never be read by the owners of Howrse, but I hope its message makes it there. They're king of the Howrse kingdom, but their people are dying, crying out for change.

And in response, they raise taxes."






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