Focus on Optimizing and Reducing Payday 2's LAG

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Payday 2 is Laggy. It's a fact. To quote one user "I have GeForce 770 and aiming is like swimming in butter" The Geo-770 is a $300 card. This shouldn't be happening. [src]

All the community has to fix these errors are ludicrous and user-specific fixes. With the exception, of a few, like the "ShadowMap mod". The shadow map mod reduces the quality of the shadows, and significantly decreases the Input Lag. This option could be implemented into the game.

Surely you could use a 4gb ram Intel i3 low spec computer, and with make a new set of minimal graphics options, to play the game at 20fps with no mouse lag.

I have installed many patches, and my game has improved. The most significant patches were the "ShadowMap" mod, and running the game in a "Full screen Window", yet my game still has 1/4 of a second input lag, and an average frame rate of 18. Yes, my gaming rig is "Budget Gaming" but it still runs most games at  a solid 35, at slightly better than average options. Also, I don't think it is at my end, as even most high-end gaming rigs still lag.

We're not demanding that you get it running on a blackberry, we're just saying that it needs to be fine-tuned, and optimized, to run where other games can. 

Thanks for making (even with the lag) one of my favorite games, and possibly the best CO-OP shooters of all time. (Wolf and Sentry, still a better love story than twilight!)

Following are some steam forum posts for supposed "fixes":



and, "facepunch" forums

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