Let the Overgate Shopping Centre know that live chick-hatching is wrong and immoral.

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From the 3rd - 21st April 2017 the Dundee Overgate shopping centre are running an event where they will be hatching chicken eggs live up until Easter. The event allows people to keep up to date through social media and allows them to make a visit to see the chicks in person.

Chick-hatching programmes are cruel, the chicks needs are not met through the process and many of the birds become deformed or sick. After these programmes most chicks are disposed of and do not go to homes afterwards, they end up in factory farms, poultry markets or even dead. It is important to learn about animals, but it is also important to think about their welfare. No baby animal deserves to come into the world to be used as entertainment. 

We ask the Overgate Shopping Centre to reconsider their event and think about animal welfare. Please join this petition and ask the Overgate to end this cruel facade. 

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