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Stop protesting Enjoi Skateboards.

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Recently some bored "Feminists" deemed Enjoi a company that supports domestic violence over a shirt. We all know Enjoi as an innocent skate brand known for their dark humor and quality products. These people, on the other hand, are just looking, scrounging, for something they can complain about, and unfortunately instead of something worthwhile they chose Enjoi.

Here are the facts:
1) Enjoi recently released the shirt pictured above.
2) The shirt has a girl.
3) Her arm is in a sling and she's crying.
4) She's saying "He really does love his skateboard more than me."
5) The shirt is titled "The Ex-Girlfriend"

So because she's crying and her arm is in a sling that immediately means her boyfriend abused her?
She couldn't have hurt herself any other way? Skateboarding, perhaps?
She couldn't be crying for any other reason? Maybe she's crying because her boyfriend left her to go skateboarding, as she is now "The Ex-Girlfriend?"

Enjoi has stated MULTIPLE times that the shirt is not promoting domestic violence, but these people aren't listening, they've jumped to the awful conclusion that Enjoi thinks domestic violence is funny. They have their own petition and they think it means something. They think they're important enough that they're going to boycott a company over a shirt they've taken the wrong way.  

They also seem to think that since their petition has however many signatures that they're right. So I'm hoping that we can drown out their whining with our numbers and show them that yes, domestic violence is absolutely wrong, but protesting a company over a blatant misunderstanding is not the right way to make your voice heard.

Also, I don't think insulting my girlfriend was the smartest move on their part.

Support Enjoi.
Support freedom of speech.
Support skateboarding.

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