Over 50? Canberra's decided you get second-class health care.

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Over 50?
Canberra’s cutting you off at the knees.

Do you deserve second-class healthcare, just because you are over 50?

To save money – and without clinical evidence – the Federal Government has decided that people over 50 can no longer be referred by their GP for a Medicare-funded knee MRI.

It is a bad decision, made for the wrong reasons, and it will hurt 80,000 older Australians every year.

Thanks to the Government, if you hurt yourself exercising, have a fall, or any other knee trauma you will now have two options

  • Wait to see a specialist to get an MRI referral - which will cost money, time and pain
  • Pay the full cost of the MRI yourself, which will be hundreds of dollars – without any Medicare rebate

As Australians we all pay for Medicare, but the Government says people over 50 should no longer have their MRIs funded!

Our Medicare system should be based on NEED, not AGE.

The Government should be IMPROVING Medicare, not CUTTING it.

Please sign this petition to let the Federal Government know that they can’t cut us off at the knees.