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Over the years FOF has saved 1000's of lives from kill shelters all across the United States, taken owner turn in's and from time to time off the dreaded puppy mill truck. We have held strays until their owners were found. We have fostered animals whose owners fell on hard times, helped feed the feral cat colonies, and helped with vetting senior citizen's pets and people that were just down on their luck.

We have done this with the help of wonderful supportive people who give their time, energy, money and other donations. We are forever grateful.

Every adoption that we do, we hope and pray that it will be one of the best experiences that the adopters have. Thankfully, most of them are. Sadly, some do not go as we had hoped. Sometimes what seems like a good match here with an older dog doesn't work out so well when in the home. Sometimes pups are too much for the new owners to handle, and sometimes life changes for owner. FOF always takes a dog back. Even sadder is that sometimes they get sick. There is no rhyme or reason why one gets sick and another one doesn't..

Some say we do not vet our dogs, which is not true. Some even go so far as to say we just don't care, that is definitely not true.

did you ever get a call from school to pick up your kid that was fine before school, but midway thru the day got sick? did you ever go to bed feeling great and in the morning couldn't life your hear off the pillow? Well, that's just how it is with animals.  I don't know why, I don't have the answers?

Look at Gordon, even the vet said to stop trying to save him, and we didn't. he is alive today because of the care and devotion of this rescue. He is now a therapy dog living an amazing life.

Betty and Boosie are just one example of dogs being fostered while their owner is between apartments. They were all living in a car; they just needed someone to care and help them for a few weeks. 

What I know is that every person that volunteers or works at the center cares and loves the animals.

Barbara once said: " there comes a point when you have to ask the question what are you really doing in life. really take a minute or so and say WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH MY LIFE??"  "for me, I started the rescue to change my life and the lives of those that the rescue saves. I soon realized that the rescue was also saving other people's lives as well. The people that just needed some love from an animal. for people that needed a second sometimes third chance to change the path they were walking. THE RESCUER IS THE RESCUED'

no truer words could be spoken, In life there are no guarantees, in rescue there is only hope. Hope for a better tomorrow for a dog that today would be dead had it not been rescued yesterday and cared for by volunteers that work with them.

I am asking that you sign this petition to help keep Friends of Freddie open so they can continue to save lives.

Perfect no, but who is. Together we can make it better, Together we can save 1000's more.


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