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In the past six months, Santa Clara Unified School District has suffered a drastic loss of school and district leadership.      Since the new Board members were elected, 6 school Principals in this District have resigned, a total of one-fourth turnover. Another 12 talented and respected administrators and staff have also resigned.    We are concerned about the instability this mass exodus of school leadership has created.  The unusually high rate of resignations points to deeper problems in the District culture that have been created by the current school board leadership. Ultimately a climate of instability and lack of solid leadership, from the school board, affects teacher morale and distracts from the important job of educating our children.    On May 30th Trustee Michele Ryan stated to  NBC news "... its a small group of parents and staff who have created a controversy that has distracted from district business." And Trustee Chris Koltermann stated to NBC news. " ...administrator turnover is normal".    Parents, staff and students asking for Stability for Students, want to point out to the 4 majority trustees (Koltermann, Bendis, Stampolis and Ryan), with signatures, that we disagree the turnover is "normal". Losing 18 staff is historically unprecedented, and the number of resignations since these trustees were elected is evidence of the ineffectiveness of the Board. Students deserve stability through better leadership.     The undersigned are stating a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in the 4 majority leaders on our school board – Trustees Koltermann, Ryan, Bendis and Stampolis.


Letter to
SCUSD Board Trustee Jim Canova
SCUSD Board Trustee Andrew Ratermann
SCUSD Board President Christine Koltermann
and 4 others
SCUSD Board Trustee Michele Ryan
SCUSD Board Trustee Ina K Bendis
SCUSD Board Trustee Christopher Stampolis
SCUSD Board Trustee Albert Gonzalez
We the undersigned parents, students and community in SCUSD do not have confidence in our current school Board leadership to lead effectively. The resignation of nineteen administrators and staff this last six months is affecting the morale of our schools, and ultimately the education of our students.
We respectfully request that the Board tell the community how it plans to retain talented staff and educators to ensure a stable environment for students to learn.

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