Methanol Awareness Campaign (Chez-Save A Life) needs your support.

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In 2013, Cheznye Emmons died of Methanol Poisoning whilst travelling in Indonesia. Cheznye had saved forever to go travelling and experience the world and it's different cultures when her travels and life where tragically taken from her through contaminated alcohol. Our family wants the government to support our campaign to make other's aware of the dangers of methanol.

Myself and my family have endlessly tried to promote a campaign to make travellers aware of the dangers of Methanol abroad and feel that creating awareness in this country is key to assuring that British tourists understand the risk they take when drinking abroad.

After endless discussions and a variety of different press releases, the Foreign Commission Office started making a video for our campaign, to which my family and I attended. I received this video over 2 years ago and it has never been released, the foreign commission office no longer acknowledge our emails. The further support we managed to get was an article on the NHS website and the NHS told us that they would need government authority to display the awareness posters (that we had produced) in hospitals. Our family raised money to try and fund sending all of these posters out but because we were informed in a trial-run that they couldn’t be displayed, we are back at square one.

We have just had 17 British tourists in Zante, scrape by with their life because they consumed drinks containing Methanol and with more countries coming into financial struggle, these numbers will most definitely be on the rise. If these youngsters had seen our campaign or even been informed about the risk’s involved, the situation may be very different.

We didn’t just lose Cheznye that day, we lost a part of ourselves and unless we get the opportunity to just make other people aware and stop these unnecessary deaths, we’re no better than the people who sell them the drink. Awareness is the key and we need your support to launch a proper campaign that has the ability to reach anyone this could affect. We will whole-heartedly do anything in our power to save others of the pain we have had to suffer.

We have regular contact with the LIAM campaign in Australia that have a full-scale campaign where they train doctors in Indonesia but for Chez-Save A Life, this isn’t needed for our campaign, we just need the support to put this in the public eye and push awareness  of the dangers that Methanol poisoning creates.

With this petition we hope to get the attention of the relevant officials' and get this campaign started so other's do not have to suffer the way Cheznye did.

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