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Our chance to get world leaders committed to the Right to the City!

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People may live in the same city, but only few can enjoy it fully: a lifetime wasted on long commutes, women fearing dark streets, discriminatory public spaces, scarce green areas, segregated neighborhoods, and profit above life. These violations of our collective Right to the City are the everyday norm for most of the world’s inhabitants and they have gotten worse in the past decades. We need to act now to change that!

The concept of the Right to the City is the result of a bottom-up struggle over decades that consists in the right of all inhabitants, present and future, temporary and permanent, to use, occupy and produce just, inclusive and sustainable cities, villages and settlements, understood as a common good essential to a full and decent life.

International civil society organizations are mobilized to make sure that our Right to the City is respected by world leaders at the United Nations Conference on Housing and Urban Sustainable Development - Habitat 3. The Conference will set out international commitments towards political action on a New Urban Agenda that will affect us all, everywhere, for the next 20 years. Negotiations started already and are not going well: there is a great chance that our Right to the City will be ignored, leaving us unprotected against violations of all sorts.

We need more voices from across the globe to make us heard: please sign now our Global Call and share #SupportRight2City to show to world leaders that we need REAL, STRONG and CONCRETE commitments from the New Urban Agenda. Make sure you are heard!

For more information: globalcallright2city.org 

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