Stop United Airlines from Killing Pets!!!

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A 10-month old French bulldog puppy, Kokito, died gasping for air in the overhead bin of a United flight. According to all witness reports, the puppy's owner had her dog in a TSA-compliant pet carrier, but the flight attendant insisted that the small, black "Frenchie" be put in the overhead compartment! The owner adamantly refused and her young daughter chimed in - telling the flight attendant repeatedly that her dog was in the carrier. The flight attendant insisted that the carrier be placed in the overhead bin because it was blocking part of the aisle. The passengers on the flight could hear the puppy crying for some time and then he was silent. At the end of the flight, his lifeless body was found in the overhead compartment.

According to reports, United has had 53 animals die on its flights in the past 5 years! To put that in perspective, all the other airlines combined had 136 animals die in that same time period. 

As a dog owner and animal lover, I am shocked, heart-broken and appalled. Let's work together to get justice for Kokito and his family. First, the flight attendant must be fired. Second, United must overhaul its entire pet policy. Pets must be treated with care and respect. They are our children - our family. Lastly, United must make a large contribution to the ASPCA in Kokito's name. 

This was an unspeakable tragedy. Let's make sure that we answer Kokito's cries with action.