Say Yes To Gun Control

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Allowing to have a gun in your possession could put many lives at harm. In some cases, the possession of a gun can be a negative situation depending on the circumstances it is under. Studies show, according to the Week Magazine, that there are more cases in which people are killed by guns than saved by civilians with guns. Also, I believe that there should be security cameras and full body scanners everywhere in public places to prevent mass shootings. The Second Amendment is not beneficial to anyone, it remains a threat to others due to people taking it into consideration of their rights to commit crimes. The article “Gun Control on Campus” explains, “Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun-control advocacy group, says there were 76 accidental and intentional shootings incidents on college campuses from 2013 to 2015” which shows how innocent lives were taking just because allowing gun control near colleges. Their should not be any guns allowed at any colleges, where there are thousands of students going to get an education. Allowing firearms have been in many occasions throughout history where leaders and activists were assassinated like Martin luther King Jr. a Civil Rights leader. Weapons should not be the only way to get your point across. Overall, maybe small steps are what's really necessary such as stricter regulations and a complete ban on assault rifles. But us the people need to move in that direction for the sake of all these horrible massacres and other gun crimes that you don't even hear about on the news. Gun control should not be allowed due to firearms, crime reduction and self defense, and accidental shootings.