No on Oregon HB 3063

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Dear Governor Brown and members of the Oregon Legislature,

As a diverse group of physicians, medical professionals, and parents from all over the state of Oregon, we are writing to you today with significant concern regarding the health and well being of our children in light of the current proposed legislation HB 3063. As healthcare and civic leaders, we recognize that an education is vital for all children to obtain, regardless of their parents' religious or philosophical beliefs.

In 1954 the Supreme Court ruled in the landmark case Brown vs. Board of Education that segregation of students was unconstitutional. They ruled specifically that "separate was not equal." This applies to the proposed legislation of HB 3063 in that this bill segregates students in who is and who is not allowed to obtain a public or private education. 

Many of the families affected by this proposed legislation are minority and low-income/single parent homes. These families may not be able to focus their attention exclusively on home schooling their children, thereby leaving those children affected without a solid education.

Please be aware we are not anti-vaccine or anti-science, the majority of us have vaccinated both ourselves and our children. What we are against is any unconstitutional government intrusion into our medical and religious freedom that would prohibit children from obtaining their education.

This bill is an absolute affront to any one who values the belief that education is important for EVERY child to receive- regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or system of beliefs.